Cosmic Wanderer

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Wandering the Cosmos

Here are the first 8 chapter by Ron Brown, Taipei.

(Each chapters contains the original Chinese text next to the English translation

Table of contents of English Translation.

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  第一回 花近高樓傷客心

Chapter 1: "Flowers near the building, sadden the traveler's heart"

  第二回 萬方多難此登臨

Chapter 2: I have climbed up here from a world of endless trouble.

  第三回 錦江春色來天地

Chapter 3: The Jin River, bright with spring, flows between heaven and earth

  第四回 玉壘浮雲變古今

Chapter 4: The clouds over Mt. Jade still change, just as they did in the past.

  第五回 北極朝廷終不改

Chapter 5: The Kingdom is unchanging as the North Star

  第六回 西山寇盜莫相侵

Chapter 6: Brigands from the western hills dare not draw near

  第七回 可憐後主還祠廟

Chapter 7: The bungling royal heir's family shrine still remains

  第八回 日暮聊為梁甫吟

Chapter 8: I’ll sing the song his Premier sang at sundown.


Soon the above files will be placed directly in this website.



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