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è CangJie is unique because it is based on the shapes forming the Chinese characters, not their phonetics.

  This website gives a complete explanation of  the CangJie input Method, mainly using extracts of the "CangJie Method" book and many exercises.

è  8 STEPS  to learn CangJie.

Then practice with several cool

 tutoring programs (explained here)

Mr. Chu Bangfu

the inventor of the CJ method:

Learn why, in Asia, he is called:

"The father of the Chinese computer

His philosophical and literary works

are presented here also.



 "Nine Discourses of Wisdom"

Chu Bangfu: revolutionary & fundamental :

The Unifying Theory of everything!

Translated in English and available HERE



 "Wandering the Cosmos" 

(8 first chapters in English)

Chu Bangfu science fiction novel where his revolutionary futuristic theories

are presented in an entertaining way allowing you to get familiarized with the parameters that will govern our future and in the same time get a subtle initiation in Traditional Chinese Culture

 and Philosophy!   Click HERE



NEW et Super! En Français!

La traduction française du

"Le Voyageur du Cosmos"


Vers les espaces sidéraux et intérieurs,

nous vous souhaitons: Bon Voyage!

Attachez vos ceintures!

Cliquer ici!

è CangJie allows keying even if you do not know the pronunciation of characters. No need to know pinyin or Bopomofo.

è CangJie, therefore, helps students of Chinese to remember characters' shapes & structure: an incredible bonus for those who suffer learning this beautiful but difficult language

è CangJie gives a unique code to each character: so your input gets the character you want directly on the screen, not a list of characters to browse.

è   CangJie Input Method is supported by all Chinese Operating & Chinese Enabling Systems.

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