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The main characteristics of the "Cang Jie Method" REFERENCE book:


This book was designed to assist all level students of the Chinese language in the learning of the characters.  

Using Cang Jie, the premier graphic method to input Chinese in the computer, the book employs extensive exercises and graphs to introduce the student in a gradual and comprehensive manner to master the complexities of Chinese Characters.

The Cang Jie Method is based on the shapes and building blocks that form the characters.  For example to obtain the character ..... just type A (for the Shape ) and B (for the shape).

Deconstructing and reconstructing characters according to the Cang Jie method with increase the students' power to remember Chinese characters.

  1. It applies to traditional and simplified characters.

  2. The book is designed to consolidate the Cang Jie Method effect of  helping character retention.

  3. It is suitable to all levels of Chinese language learners and users.

  4. The method is explained in a gradual and comprehensive manner.

  5. Knowledge of character pronunciation is not required.

  6. Each character is represented by a unique code; therefore typing is very fast for professionals.

  7. The Cang Jie method is logical: there is absolutely no need to learn codes by heart. The author is a former lawyer for whom logic and clarity are a kind of second nature. To enhence clarity, the book is full of graphics illustrating the Cangjie rules.

  8. The book contains a CD-ROM that allows immediate practice on any PC.

  9. Cang Jie Input is also supported by language learning tools like Bilingual Electronic Dictionaries.

  10. The Chinese system in Mackintosh computer also use the Cangjie input method as described in this book.

  11. In the exercises, characters have also a translation and their pinyin transliteration.

  12. With the galore of graphics & exercises the book can be used to teach the method.

  13. The author will be available to hold seminars on the subject where needed.





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