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  • Review of the process:

Once you have learned the basics of the method and have a picture of the Cang Jie signs in your mind, the process to input a character follows the following steps:

  1. First: you must determine the structure of the character you want to input: is-it a Single Unit, a Two Unit, or a Three Unit character?
  2. Second: within each Unit, you delimitate the Signs according to the rule of completeness and the other guide lines for the delimitation of signs.
  3. Third: you apply the rules of number and order to select the Signs whose representative letters must be selected to form the code of the character.
  4. You type the keyboard letters, press the space bar, and the character appears on your screen. 

In fact, these four steps will quickly become simultaneous.

  Summary of all Cangjie rules


We can now measure all the advantages we will gain for Chinese input when knowing the Cang Jie Method 

or have a look to an even easier way to use the Cangjie method.


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