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Bonzer! (monthly Australian journal for "Wise Elders")

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Alan Wheatley

Computer Times (Singapore newspaper review)

Overview: With the eye-catching title, The Old Fart's Guide to the Macintosh by Aaron Rosenzweig appears to be written for those in the prime of their life - the over 50s. It uses simple language: no techno-babble, easy-to-follow system and application guides, tips on how to squeeze the most out of today's Apple computers, some Apple history and much more. All 410 pages to be read lounging on your sofa. But don't put the book back on the shelf just yet, youngster! The Old Fart's Guide is so helpful that younger Mac users will be delighted at its clarity, conciseness and wide range of topics covered. If you have just bought a new Mac, forget those boring manuals. Buy The Old Fart's Guide to the Macintosh and laugh while you learn. It's especially informative for beginners? Click here to see the full review.

Michael Vallance

Computing With Bifocals (The Mac Observer)

Anyone who is giving a computer to a first time user may seriously consider including this book along with their gift. Anyone who is getting their first second hand-computer needs it. Anyone who wants a computer (a Mac) but is afraid of computers needs it. Anyone who thinks they need a training course to get on the Internet needs it. Anyone who thinks they need an Internet provider such as a cable provider and then also something they heard about called Earthlink needs it. (I met that someone just the other night.) Anyone who..... well you get the idea. If you can't afford to give someone a computer, maybe you can just give them the book? Click here to see the full review.

Nancy Carroll Gravley

One standout part of this book for me, as compared with many other guided type endeavors, is that this one informs you at a rapid enough pace to keep new users with voracious appetites for information happy, but keeps things down to earth enough to not scare away a user preferring a more casual approach to avoid information overload. It is not inundated in technical terms that requires a reference chapter to decipher, but instead is built upon a language that is easier to understand than techno-geek... it uses plain english which makes it a shining star in the sky of new user guide books? Click here to see the full review.

Mark Guertin

When categorizing books, it would be easy to say that the technical genera is something that one "has" to read, rather than "gets" to read. There is good reason for that. Technical books are too long, too boring and don't give any perspective. Thankfully for Mac users, there is one glowing exception: Aaron Rosenzweig's Old Fart's Guide to the Macintosh? Click here to see the full review.

Sam Burrish

2 Guys, a Mac, and a Website

While the book is designed for an older person who is new to computers, I would suggest it for a beginner of any age. It is enjoyable to read and very informative. Even though I know the Mac pretty well, I enjoyed reading it and never felt bored. Aaron Rosenzweig has put together a great book, and is a valuable asset to anyone who wants to "Learn how one computer will unleash your unlimited creative potential."? Click here to see the full review.

Ken Terry (iKen)

Your Mac Life (Radio Interview with Shawn King)

The layout of the book is real easy. It has big lettering, it is easy to read. You even got things like researching Internet providers which is something I found when I was doing consulting work was really intimidating especially for old folks trying not to get ripped off by singing up with an Internet provider. You explain also to folks "What is the Internet?" which is something a lot of books just assume the reader knows everything about because they are buying a book about computers and therefore must be fairly knowledgeable.

Shawn King

The Boox Review

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The Boox Review


To research from scratch how to use your Mac might require six or seven books - or you could pick up one copy of "The Old Fart's Guide to the Macintosh" - a masterful piece of work? Click here to see the full review.

Charles W. Moore

This is one of those priceless books I will keep right beside my trusty Mac computer, along with my dictionary and thesaurus, at least until the author comes out with an updated version. It is a valuable and amazingly easy to use resource for Mac newbies and veterans alike, whether they are fifteen, fifty or far beyond? Click here to see the full review.

Marie D. Jones

Aside from basic "how to use the computer" information, also included are some basic information on how to do word processing and even spreadsheet operations (both via AppleWorks). While this is not likely to be the last book for many people, for a surprising number, this may be all the 3rd party book some may ever require? Click here to see the full review.

Gary Coyne

Author Aaron Rosenzweig has produced a well written, well organized, and, most importantly, clear book on the use of the Macintosh. One should not be fooled. While the book starts off expecting that the reader is as just described, it ends with subjects that are quite advanced. The writing style is very easy and clear. There is no techno-babble and, when specific computer terms are introduced, they are clearly explained. The book is comprehensive and up-to-date. I would strongly recommend this book for any Mac beginner and I think any Mac user would benefit from it? Click here to see the full review.

Stuart Bonwit