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You can enter Chinese characters with Cang-jie

in practically all Windows platforms and in Mackintosh:


1. In Non-Chinese Windows 95/98/ME/NT4.0 :

"Non-Chinese Windows" include English and European Windows, and other localized versions of Windows (Japanese and Korean, Middle East, etc.).

To add Chinese writing capability to these non-Chinese versions of Windows, you have to use either:

  • "Chinese enablers", like TwinBridge, NJ Star, RichWin and others. You then can write Chinese in almost all Windows applications (PageMaker, CorelDraw, Excel, Word for Windows, and many others)

These enablers, all support Cang Jie input of traditional characters.

Cang Jie input of simplified characters (Guobiao set) is also supported by NJ Star and by TwinBridge with the CJ-Simple input editor which, together with the NJ Star demo version, are provided in the CD-Rom attached to this book.

  • Word 2000, Outlook Express and Internet Explorer recent versions, together with the Asian Language pack and the Global Input Method Editor: they allow Cang Jie input for traditional characters in those three Microsoft applications.


2. Traditional Chinese Windows 95/98/ME:

This version is devised for traditional characters and is based on the Big 5 code; it is used by the people of Taiwan, Hong Kong and a great majority of Overseas Chinese and scholars.

  • This version, in and of itself, supports Cang Jie input for traditional characters.
  • It is also possible to use Cang Jie to input simplified characters by installing TwinBridge together with the above-mentioned CJ-Simple input editor.


3. Simplified Chinese Windows 95/98/ME:

This version is devised for the People’s Republic of China users and those who want to work with simplified characters.

  • Cang Jie input is supported for simplified characters after installing the CJ5 driver also provided in the CD-Rom attached to this book.
  • Cang Jie input is possible for traditional characters after installing a Chinese Enabler supporting Mainland China Windows (TwinBridge, NJ Star, Richwin).


4. Windows 2000, plus the Chinese Multi-Language pack:

Cang Jie input is fully supported for traditional characters in Windows 2000

TwinBridge for Windows NT can also be used to input traditional characters with Cang Jie in Windows 2000.

Cang Jie input for traditional and simplified characters is also supported in Windows 2000 by NJ Star.


5. Mackintosh:

Support Cangjie input for traditional Chinese characters.



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