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(please, tune your browser to Chinese encoding)

Several users have asked if Cangjie could be used to input Cantonese vernacular characters and characters used especially in Hong Kong.

In fact Cangjie is a very appropriate method for input of such characters. We have not manage to find the necessary time to make a full and clear expose of this subject, but we still think we can put some material here that will start to give the first answers to this question.

1) First we refer to Professor Majorie Chan paper published on her website: 

"Cantonese Vernacular Characters and RichWin97 vs RichWin2000", ( 2000 Marjorie K.M. Chan) where she explains how to use Cangjie for this input with either Richwin or NJStar Chinese enablers.  At the end of her expose, Prof. Majorie Chan writes the following:


"The bottom line" is, for someone using English Windows 98 (or higher) who need Cantonese vernacular characters: don't uninstall RichWin 97 yet! ... And ... plan to learn the Cangjie input method!"  



2)  We received the following very interesting information from the:

 Information Technology Services Department of hong-kong. 

( )

The aim of the Hong Kong Supplementary Character Set (HKSCS, 香港增補字符
集) ( is to provide a
common Chinese language interface to facilitate electronic communication in
Chinese in Hong Kong.  

We have placed a full set of HKSCS document in the web site which contain the
glyph of characters together with its code in Big-5 and in

-To have an introduction to the problem at hand, please look up their preface document:  ( (  )

For a table containing the Cangjie (倉頡) code information of each
character in HKSCS, please see:
( ) for reference.

Some Chinese enablers (e.g. RichWin, TwinBridge,
NJStar, etc.)  support display and input of Cantonese Chinese characters.  To know their latest status on supporting HKSCS, viast their websites:
   RichWin    :
   TwinBridge :
   NJStar     :

Moreover, Windows 2000, Microsoft also provides HKSCS support, the "HKSCS Support for Windows Platform", for various Windows platforms.  Microsoft's HKSCS
support is developed according to the HKSCS specification, it enhances Cangjie 倉頡
/速成 input methods and 細明體 / 新細明體 fonts to provide support of HKSCS
as an enhancement to the system.  There are two versions of Microsoft's
HKSCS support: one for Traditional Chinese Windows 98/ME, and another for
Traditional Chinese Windows NT4.0 and Windows 2000.  For details and
download of Microsoft's HKSCS support, please visit:  


We will elaborate on these questions as soon as possible. Any one who has information on typing Cantonese characters can place it in our FORUM for everybody to see and learn!)


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